The Color Wheel: KDH Painting & Stage Right

The Color Wheel

Deciding on new paint colours for your home can be a bothersome process. Luckily, on this page we made a tool available to you to help ease the process. To the right of the page, you will find an accommodating link that offers paint matching tools, swatches, and everything you need to start the process of planning the perfect colour scheme.

Painting is of most importance as it’s visibility is on display throughout the entire property, so we at KDH want to make sure our customers receive top of the line options for colour scheming and colour placement.

When it comes time to sell your house, or to just add a visual change to your environment, a good eye for decoration and style is needed. This is why KDH Painting has always trusted the expertise and professionalism of Wendy Herbers at Stage Right. If you need assistance with the staging, interior decoration, and colour planning of your home contact Stage Right to meet all of your interior planning needs.

Wendy Herbers: 403.360.7909